This course series is perfect if you are new to Programmatic or would like to expand your knowledge to an advanced level. You will develop your understanding of the industry's complex ecosystem and how traditional models have adapted to be successful in this ever-changing digital landscape.
Upon completion of this course series, you will be able to:
  • Confidently use and explain industry specific acronyms and terminology in your conversations with stakeholders 
  • Explain the fundamental mechanics of how Programmatic Advertising works
  • Differentiate programmatic advertising from social and search advertising 
  • Identify appropriate KPIs for your business goals 
  • Call to mind the different creative options and channels (video, emerging channels, CTV) available within Programmatic advertising 
  • Compare and contrast how different types of creative impact the user experience
Anyone can access this content. You will have access to MediaMath Academy as your premier resource for ongoing, independent learning.