Accessing MediaMath Academy


How should I access MediaMath Academy? 

I am a MediaMath client with a T1 login. 

I am a MediaMath client but I don't have a T1 login. 

I am not a MediaMath client. 

  1. Click "Log In"
  2. Sign in using the same username and password you use to access TerminalOne (T1).
  3. If you don't remember your password, click "Don't remember your password?" and follow the steps in your email.

Do you want to access platform and MediaMath-specific materials? 

  • If yes, reach out to your MediaMath representative to setup your T1 login and then follow the directions on the left. 
  • If no, this means you only need access to programmatic content. Follow the directions on the right to create an account. 

Great news, anyone can access MediaMath Academy's programmatic content. 

  1. Click "Sign Up"
  2. Enter your email and a password you will remember. Enter your first and last name as your username. 
  3. The next time you need to log in to MediaMath Academy, click "Log In" and use the email and password you created upon sign up.


Please note that anyone who creates their own account rather than using a T1 login will only have access to the following series of courses: 


All other content is restricted to MediaMath clients.