Frequently Asked Questions about MediaMath Academy

What is MediaMath Academy?

MediaMath Academy is the place to go for high quality resources that will equip anyone at any level in the programmatic and digital marketing industry to execute decisions on the job and grow their career. 


If I am a MediaMath client, how do I register for MediaMath Academy? 

You can sign in with your TerminalOne (T1) login and password. More information here.

If you are a client and do not have T1 credentials, please reach out to your MediaMath team and ask them to create an account for you. You can now use a single registration to access: 


If I am not a MediaMath client, how do I register for MediaMath Academy? 

Anyone can sign up and view MediaMath Academy content. Click on the "Register" button within a course and create an account. Please note you will not have access to the MediaMath Platform content, that is exclusively available to MediaMath clients. More information here


Where does New Marketing Institute (NMI) fit into MediaMath Academy? 

New Marketing Institute (NMI) is now MediaMath Academy! Launched in 2012, NMI sought to close the gap between understanding and practice for the digital marketing and programmatic industry at large. Over the last decade, marketers have realized the importance and value of efficient audience targeting enabled by programmatic advertising. However, there often lies a vast programmatic knowledge and skills gap in the marketing and digital advertising industry. This trend, and the dearth of dedicated programmatic education providers, prompted the original establishment of NMI and its subsequent global expansion. NMI officially became MediaMath Academy in 2020. Initially launching with in-person classroom training and live online courses accessible to all markets, the MediaMath Academy team is now focused on created on-demand resources for clients and professionals at scale. 

Just like NMI, MediaMath Academy's mission is to meet the learner where they are and enable programmatic learning and talent across the globe. More information in this blog post


Why can't I see everything when I sign in? 

MediaMath clients who sign in with their T1 credentials will be able to view all of the content available in MediaMath Academy. If you are not a client, you will only have access to industry content, which is still over 50 videos, articles, and more. More information here


Are my NMI certifications still valid? 

Certifications, including past certifications, will be valid for 12 months after completion. If more than 12 months have passed since you passed the certification exam, please log into MediaMath Academy and refresh your knowledge and your certification. 


Will I be able to share my certifications on LinkedIn? 

Yes. Upon completion of the certification exam, you will have an option to download your certificate as well as post your certification to your LinkedIn profile. You may also want to add it to your resume or work email signature. 

Please note certifications expire after 12 months. 


Will you be offering live training? 

Most of our resources will be digital and on-demand through the MediaMath Academy portal. These are the most effective and accessible teaching methods to enable you to achieve your learning goals.

However, we plan to promote deep learning by supporting our digital teaching methods with live webinars. These live sessions will provide the opportunity to further engage with and explore new ideas and developments in this complex industry.

Over the coming months we will be announcing new live webinar offerings that will hit on the industry’s latest and greatest challenges, solutions and partnerships.


Do you have content in other languages? 

We do. Check out the translated materials series of courses. We are also happy to report that we offer the Programmatic Certification Exam in Spanish


How often will new resources be added? 

All the time, anytime. As the industry and our platform is constantly changing, our content will be refreshed and added to. Once you complete a certification, you may receive emails letting you know when new content is available. 


I have more questions. 

Feel free to contact for any additional information.